If you dread your photo shoot, you are not alone.

worryPeople often ask me if I find corporate head shots boring. The answer is, absolutely not. With social media, and the common need for that one professional shot, everyone needs a photo of themselves for something. But not everyone is excited about having it taken.  I understand my subjects’ nervousness, and appreciate why they have it. What I love most about my work is putting people at ease, creating a relaxing, pleasant experience for them out of something they may have been dreading, and most of all, showing them the results. Watching the relief and joy come through in their expressions makes my day.  Today, I would like to share some portraits I made in the last couple of months, as well as some things my subjects had to say.

Mag Gardner is modest and unpretentious. And a super sweet lady. She called me to book and I had to stifle a giggle as I listened to her talk herself into making the appointment. Mag says in her own words: “Yes. I definitely felt apprehensive. Petrified is a better word! You made me feel so very comfortable — I was ready for the dentist experience and instead I got a salon experience.”. Here are two great shots from our session. You are most welcome, Mag! It was an absolute pleasure.


Mag Gardner

Sue Moore is a confident professional, with an immediately trust-inducing way about her. I could chat with her forever! She called me one afternoon to inquire about a session, and asked a lot of questions. She was very concerned about her nervousness interfering with our achieving a professional, yet relaxed portrait, suitable for a therapist’s image. She literally talked herself into an appointment that week, saying “Come on Sue. Just get this over with.” I think  we did just fine. Thank you Sue, for being such a lively subject!


Sue Moore

Amber Wilcox came  to my studio for her head shot, and she was such a pleasure to work with. So warm, friendly and open. At the same time, she was very self conscious about “not being photogenic” (I hear that all the time) and generally nervous about the whole process. I was determined to capture her wonderful entergy and warm personality in spite of her apprehesion. In the end, we got great stuff! In Amber’s own words: “From the moment we met, I knew I had found the right photographer. You are knowledgeable and professional, yet there is a warmth in our communication that allowed me to relax. I was so nervous, and the pictures were amazing! ” I loved working with you Amber!


Amber Wilcox

So, if you are one of these people who is procrastinating because you are nervous… Let’s just do it! I promise you are in good hands.