Beautiful, delicate things

Tonilee designs custom bras for women who have issues finding standard bras that fit. Often her clients are larger breasted women, and the standard bras available for them are heavy, thick and… lets face it… downright unsexy! To the contrary, Tonilee’s designs are beautiful, decorative and quite delicate, and this is what she aimed to reflect through the photos we would make. In our phone consultation, we decided that the best way to reflect the quality of her work was to photograph the tools and materials rather than just the finished bras. I had quite a clear idea of what I wanted the photos to reflect, but I prefer to keep my creative vision strong, and my plan loose, especially when I am working with another artist to reflect their vision through my own.

So we booked a date, and Tonilee arrived at my studio with piles of lovely things. I was so excited! Here are three of the images I shot.  I used natural window light on white paper, and a lot of short focus to emphasize depth and texture of  so many simple and very beautiful objects.


Here is what Tonilee had to say about her experience:

I was so stressed before this shoot!

I had no plan.

I felt so disorganized coming to Melanie with a pile of bras in various stages of construction, some rolls of lace, and odd pieces of hardware and drafting tools off my table. The end result amazes me, and what a relief!  The photos look so well thought out.  I think this is so funny, because Melanie just started shooting as I placed a bunch of stuff on the table.  No arranging, no fussing.  It went so quickly.  I was so nervous when I arrived at the studio but once we got started, every minute was more and more exciting as Melanie showed me sneak peaks on her camera display.  I was delighted… thrilled actually. And the photos are exactly what I’d envisioned, without even having to explain what I had in mind.  She captured the exact essence of what my business is all about, and what makes it unique.  I can’t wait to do another shoot!


Portrait of Tonilee by Melanie Gillis

Tonilee is the designer and owner of Bliss Bras in Hamilton.

You can view her current web site here, and stay tuned to see more of our  images posted there.

Tonilee and I will be getting together again soon to shoot her awesome underthings on real women.

I can’t wait!