Hamilton Portrait Series

I moved to Hamilton in 2004. Back then, people from other places relished their distaste for this city.  Now, after years of being dismissed as nothing but a smog-filled Steeltown by so many, even New York is calling Hamilton hot. Well, thank you New York, and welcome to those newcomers who now realize what we have.

I would just like to highlight the fact that this city’s previously unsung virtues are well known to locals who have been working for years to build a place they are happy to call home. I myself fell in love with this place and its people 15 years ago when I arrived. From my studio on James North I have watched the magic. I am honoured to be part of this massive transformation that was clearly in the making before I arrived.

This portrait series is my gift to everyone who has made this city a gem. Enjoy these familiar faces.

These are the people in your neighbourhood.