Hamilton Portrait Series

I moved to Hamilton from Guelph in 2004. Back then, people from across Ontario seemed to relish their distaste for this city.  People who had never done more than pass through on their way somewhere else had very insulting things to say.  Well, now things have changed, and I was privileged to be here to see it happen.  From my studio on James North, I witnessed a massive transformation that was well on its way before I arrived. So many people are moving here now. While this is great, I frequently think of the people who, for years, have been aware of what a great city we have, and have created what it is today. I am so proud to have been here then, to be here now to watch this history happen. In honour, I present these portraits of True Hamiltonians. Thank you to everyone involved.

Max Francis is the founder of TRUE HAMILTONIAN. And he knows what it is to be one. A True Hamiltonian is not necessarily born here. Max was born in Montreal.  I was born in Halifax. What matters is that as a True Hamiltonian, you are forever a part of this city. Maybe you were born here, or maybe you came here and never left. Maybe you left, and a piece of your heart remains. One thing is certain, and it binds us all.

For us, Hamilton is home.